How do I know if a toy is age appropriate for my child?

You can check our recommendation that is stated on the packaging or our website and choose toys that you see best fit to your child’s stage of development – an appropriate age and development toy should keep your child busy, excited and interested

Are Benbat products safe for my children?

Of course they are! For over 9 years, Benbat has been an internationally trusted brand that parents have depended on and we put it as our top priority to keep it this way. All our products are tested and meet or exceed worldwide safety standards as established by CPSC, ASTM and CE. We are on constant touch with these safety organizations to ensure that all our products will be up-to-date with international standards. We make sure to re-test all our products periodically to ensure on-going safety

What do the CE/ASTM/CCPSA/GB/AU stand for?

CE: European Union toy standard EN71.

ASTM: American Society for Testing and Materials

CPSA: Canada Consumer Product Safety Acts

GB: China Safety Standard

ISO: Australian toy standard

Do any Benbat products contain Bisphenol-A (BPA)?

Absolutely not!

How do I clean or wash my Benbat product?

Please visit your products’ Benbat product page on our website to find out its care information

I lost the Manual of my Benbat product. Can i find it in your website?

Yes you can! Visit the product’s page and download the manual from the ‘More’ tab. Our manuals are available in multiple languages.

Will you give my name and contact information to other companies?

No way! Your information is safe with us