Benbat UK Investigates: Parenting In 2019

By:Arran Rigby

Benbat UK Investigates: Parenting In 2019

Parenting trends come and go, and with the start of 2019 we've decided to investigate what's going to be huge and what we expect to see less of in the coming months...

1. The Importance of Self Care

We are so happy to see the emergence of this trend!
For as long as we can remember, parents have struggled to carve out time to take care of themselves in their busy schedules. Thankfully, it looks as though this is definitely set to change in 2019! Taking care of yourself doesn't mean taking less care of baby - in fact, baby will benefit from a happy (and clean!) parent much more than a tired one.

2. The Decline of Gender Reveals

Did you plan a gender reveal party for your little one? Perhaps you're wondering whether it's a good idea for your current pregnancy? In 2019, we're expecting to see a lot less in the way of gender reveal parties. Many parents are concerned that it creates a pressure for baby to conform to gender norms before they're even born, and there are already plenty of other reasons to celebrate throughout a pregnancy!

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3. The Rise of Play Time!

We're all busy, but all work and no play is a recipe for disaster. In 2019, a lot of parents are making a resolution to spend more time playing with their children! It might seem a bit obvious, but adding more play time to your day can make you happier and increase your bond with baby too.

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4. Raindrop Names Are In

Have you noticed more Emmas, Liams and Arias lately? You're not alone! "Raindrop names" (where a bunch of syllables are packed into very few letters) are looking huge in 2019 - expect to see a lot of soft consonants too. Think M, L, N, R and Y.

5. Audio Books Over Tablets

We're seeing fewer and fewer children hooked up to screens, and that's because parents are all about audio books in 2019! According to Pinterest, searches for "audio storytellers" are up 126%. Audio books are the perfect way to reduce screen time whilst also settling your little one down... and we all love a good distraction technique!

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