A Cracking Christmas With Benbat UK

By:Arran Rigby

A Cracking Christmas With Benbat UK

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right; Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that special little someone, Benbat UK has you covered. Read on to discover your little one’s new favourite gift…


This magical mirror will effortlessly transform stressful trips with baby into peaceful journeys for the whole family. It has a wide-angle view so you’re able to keep an eye on baby, and Oly’s sensory surprises including melodies, dazzling ears and blinking eyes will keep your little one busy throughout your journey. We’d call this one the perfect “gift to self” this year!


Our Total Body Support holds baby snug and secure in an infant seat, bassinet, stroller, bouncer or in your arms. With room to adapt to baby’s growing body, inner rattles to keep them stimulated and a pacifier holder for easy access, it provides soft and snuggly support: perfect for the colder months, but reversible in the summer!



Our YummiGo 2 booster seat is a must have for on the go dining with a baby or toddler! Shortlisted for a Mother and Baby 2019 award, this booster seat acts as a travel high chair, but it also doubles up as a handy backpack for your little one’s daily essentials. Smart! They’ll love sitting at the table like one of the grown-ups, and at home this is a real space saver.



This one-of-a-kind backpack is just perfect for your little artist! It features a clear outer frame to display their latest artwork: just slide in your beautiful creations and go!
And for you, don’t worry – it’s wipe clean!



A fantastic stocking filler for your first Christmas with baby! This toy has plenty of activity options to help baby to improve their grabbing, reaching and batting with various colours, patterns and textures.